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LittlePINKBook.com invites women to join conversation Nov. 12 with top female executives

LittlePINKBook.com invites women to join conversation Nov. 12 with top female executives

ATLANTA -- LittlePINKBook.com, America’s No. 1 digital platform for career women, will host its 9th Annual Fall Empowerment Event on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Top-level female executives will share their experiences with rising through the corporate ranks to an audience of like-minded, successful women motivated to get there.  

Executives on the panel will be asked questions from the event’s moderator, Carol Costello, anchor at CNN Newsroom, Little PINK Book’s CEO and Founding Editor Cynthia Good as well as attendees. Panelists include:

Crowd-funding as a new school fundraising tool

ATLANTA -- There's a new way for schools to raise money for major projects without having to turn to the same over-used funding source: parents.
It's called Uruut, an online crowd-funding firm.

"Uruut is an online platform for groups to post projects in the community," said Mark Feinberg, founder of Uruut. "It could be money from individuals, it could be businesses it could be foundations, all coming together to work to support the community.

Feinberg created Uruut to help non-profits connect with individuals, businesses and foundations who pitch-in whatever they can to help reach a common fund-raising goal.
"It's not just limited to schools. It's schools. It's trails.  It's parks. It's programs within the community. It's church programs," Feinberg said.

Uruut's first project is to help Ashford Park Elementary in DeKalb County replace it's outdoor classroom and amphitheater.

Atlanta's Best Places to Work honored

Atlanta's Best Places to Work honored

(ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE) -- So where are the best jobs in metro Atlanta?

On Sept. 13, Atlanta Business Chronicle named the 2013 Atlanta's Best Places To Work during a sold-out event at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead.

Each year, Atlanta Business Chronicle in partnership with Quantum Workplace surveys the metro area's employers to find those that have discovered how to become one of Atlanta's Best Places To Work.

This year more than 560 companies and organizations were nominated and more than 400 participated in the surveys.

Quantum used analytical tools to rank the top employers in three categories: the top 10 in the large employer category (501 employees or more in the metro area), the top 30 in the medium employer category (101 to 500 employees) and the top 60 in the small employer category (10 to 100 employees).

Sad day for Atlanta couponers: The end of Kroger double coupons

Sad day for Atlanta couponers: The end of Kroger double coupons

ATLANTA -- The wave of couponers' cries heard in the Midwest and Texas has finally hit the Southeast!

For years, we have enjoyed the everyday doubling of coupons $0.50 and less. We got FREE items because of this great policy and it made handling an almost impossible budget easier for us couponers and savvy shoppers.

While I am not saying that this will hurt us (I will be posting some other things Kroger is doing), it does have me wondering -- in this competitive Atlanta market, where we use more coupons per capita then ANYWHERE in the US -- how will this fare? Will Publix jump on the bandwagon?

The end of double coupons becomes effective September 21, 2013. For this couponer, I will be having to double check my shopping list with this new rule. It's not fun, but a lot of new things are coming from Kroger, and I think this is why the program of double couponing is ending.

Going gluten-free in Brookhaven

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. -- Courtney Lee is on a mission to make life sweet without a key ingredient.

"Instead of using regular wheat flour or white flour, we use white rice flour," she said.

Last year, Lee started a gluten-free baking business called Southern Table Provisions. There is already so much demand for her products that she made a deal with the Georgia Dome to open three kiosks.

"A lot of people, even if they don't have celiac disease or an intolerance, they just look at it as a healthier way to live, and so a lot of people do it to lose weight or be healthier," she said of the decision to eliminate wheat from one's diet.

Lee and her husband don't have a choice. A few years ago, they discovered that they're both allergic to gluten, a protein found in wheat. Cutting wheat from their diets made all the difference.

MODA Floors & Interiors set to expand

MODA Floors & Interiors set to expand

ATLANTA -- MODA Floors & Interiors, located in Atlanta's West Midtown Design District, will open a 5100-square-foot retail-focused store in Town Brookhaven later this year. The company plans to add four new employees. MODA sells materials and provides installation services for hardwoods, tile and stone, carpet, luxury vinyl, laminate, area rugs and window coverings.

MODA Floors & Interiors' new store will be located in a shopping center in the Brookhaven area, providing easier access for the retail market. As a Shaw Design Center, the showroom will integrate the latest media technology to enhance the shopping and buying experience. Design consultants will be available at both stores to assist consumers in making design decisions for their homes.

Local nonprofits gain grant to help domestic violence victims in Georgia

Local nonprofits gain grant to help domestic violence victims in Georgia

ATLANTA -- The Judicial Council of Georgia Domestic Violence Committee awarded a grant on Friday that will go towards the work of nine nonprofit organizations in and near Atlanta. 

The grant of almost $1.6 million will help bring legal services to around 4,500 people with low income around Georgia who have suffered from domestic violence and are working to bounce back. A spokeswoman for the Judicial Council reported that the funds are given each year to develop domestic violence training and legal services for victims.

According to the spokeswoman, not included are divorces, deportations and other matters which are not related with the victim's safety, along with economic security.