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Adopt a Golden Atlanta announces Seniors for Seniors Program | Community Spirit

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Adopt a Golden Atlanta announces Seniors for Seniors Program
Adopt a Golden Atlanta announces  Seniors for Seniors Program


Adopt a Golden Atlanta (AGA) is initiating a Seniors for Seniors program, providing a way for seniors age 65 and older to adopt senior golden retrievers (10 years and older) by waiving the adoption fee or facilitating a permanent foster home arrangement.

In the last few years, Adopt a Golden Atlanta, the largest golden retriever rescue in the Southeast and fourth largest in the US, has seen an increase in the number of older dogs coming into the program – either due to passing of their owner or because of economic reasons.  “We’ve seen a four-fold increase in the number of seniors we’ve taken in,” reports Lauren Genkinger, AGA’s president and founder.  “So we’re announcing this program that is a win-win for both seniors involved – the human and the golden retriever,” she continues.

For many breeds, such as golden retrievers, the average life span has been 10 to 12 years, but with the current advances in veterinary medicine, it is not unusual to see goldens living well past that age.  “Despite this, adopters continue to be reluctant to adopt these wonderful, white-faced seniors,” Genkinger explains.  Potential adopters are often hesitant to adopt seniors wondering how they would handle the golden’s aging issues and/or chronic medical conditions that might develop either because they have young children in their family and would prefer younger dogs or because the medical condition could be expensive.

At the same time, AGA is seeing many potential adopters themselves becoming older and retiring, but wanting the companionship of a family pet. It is very beneficial for older people to own and care for pets, so these sedate golden retrievers make ideal companions for people age 65 and older.

 “This led us to create our Seniors for Seniors program,” Genkinger said.  Through careful screening, AGA will match human and golden seniors in a permanent foster home arrangement, providing them with the benefits of companionship as well as assistance in transporting the dog to and from the vet and groomer, covering yearly and pre-authorized veterinary expenses and having AGA volunteers available for questions and support.  For those seniors who are able to afford to care for their dog, AGA waives the adoption fee of any senior dog 10 years and older.

Seniors who are interested in the Seniors for Seniors program can read more about the seniors on the AGA website http://www.adoptagoldenatlanta.com/seniors.asp and should fill out an application online. 

“We have always believed our rescue is more than just rescuing golden retrievers – most of the time we are saving humans as well,” Genkinger concludes.