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Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Sponsors Atlanta Event to Encourage Women to Master Longevity | Business

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Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Sponsors Atlanta Event to Encourage Women to Master Longevity
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Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Sponsors Atlanta Event to Encourage Women to Master Longevity

ATLANTA, GA, Sept.23, 2011 –On Thursday, September 15 at The Buckhead Club in Atlanta, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney gathered a group of experts to speak on how baby boomer-aged and younger women can best master their longevity when it comes to planning for retirement.  Featured speakers included attorney, Kristen Lewis of Smith Gambrell & Russell, Valerie Rufo of Broadspire Care Management, and Stacy Bennett and Melissa Bankes of Lincoln Financial Group.

The speakers focused on being engaged with life and taking responsibility for designing the future that you want to have while vitally connected to loved ones and to the community. The speakers encouraged the 50-,member female audience to commit to a vision and a financial plan and outlined ways to help fulfill that plan.

The event, sponsored by the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB) women’s diversity council addressed issues like the importance of setting up wills and trusts, caring for aging parents, lifestyle transitions, and how to best help those that we love legally, financially and lovingly. 

Information from MSSB’s plan perspectives article (volume eleven, issue four) was provided to each attendee that highlighted “Women and Retirement: Bridging the Gap.” It is widely known that women live longer than men, and women generally spend fewer years in the labor force and earn less. The article provides four strategies that can help women overcome the savings gap and plan for longevity:

1. Start early, save more. Women should start saving earlier than men and save at a higher rate, perhaps 10% to 15% when they are in their twenties and more as they get older.

2. Contribute to a spousal IRA. Discuss with your financial advisor about how a nonworking spouse—or a spouse with less income—can rely on a working spouse’s income to fund an IRA.

3. Protect your interests. In case of divorce, talk to a financial advisor about important financial considerations.

4. Investigate an annuity. An annuity allows you to convert a sum of money—such as the balance in a retirement savings accounts—into a stream of monthly payments.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, a global leader in wealth management, provides access to a wide range of products and services to individuals, businesses and institutions, including brokerage and investment advisory services, financial and wealth planning, credit and lending, cash management, annuities and insurance, retirement and trust services. For further information about  Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, please visit http://www.morganstanleysmithbarney.com/.


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