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Photo Gallery | Highland Bakery: Buckhead in $20

ATLANTA – Depending on who you ask, Stacey Eames, owner of Highland Bakery, started the "java" trend in Atlanta.

“When I registered my coffee kiosk, Java World, there wasn’t a java anything in the phonebook and about a month later, there were, like, 15”, Eames says with a smirk.

Either way, Eames has come a long way since her days at the Java World coffee kiosk at Piedmont Hospital. The owner of Highland Bakery fell in love with the coffee in Seattle while working for a hotel management firm, just out of college. She opened her first kiosk in 1993.

In 1997 she opened two Java Lords coffee kiosks on the campus of GA Tech and didn’t get into the restaurant business until 2004 when she took over operations of the Virginia Highland location of Highland Bakery.

From the moment Eames acquired Highland Bakery she had “visions of grandeur”; according to her, “It was in a position to expand the day I walked into it”. She took her knowledge of homemade pastries and coffee, the bakery’s reputation for artisan breads and slowly began incorporating entrees onto the restaurants repertoire.

As the menu grew, so did business and now she has three, successful locations in Midtown, Buckhead and the original on Virginia Avenue in the Highlands.

The restaurant is known for its natural, fresh and local approach to café/bistro food, baked goods and coffee. Every Tuesday, the Where U Live team chooses a Metro Atlanta restaurant and with the restaurant's help, shows you how you can sample the menu without spending too much.


Owner Stacey Eames recommends the “Corn Cake” because it’s filling and cost efficient. The corn cake is composed of two organic corn pancakes, which are made with cornmeal milled at their Highland Avenue location. The two corn pancakes are stuffed with black beans and two eggs prepared over easy; they are then topped with homemade salsa, Vermont cheese, sour cream and cilantro. The corn cake costs about $10.


She suggests the “Fruit Tart” for dessert. Fruit tarts are made with a homemade mini pie shell and an in-house pastry cream then topped with the chef’s choice of fresh fruit. She chose the tarts because they’re fresh and light. The small tarts are $3.79, each.


As a beverage, Eames suggests the Blended Mocha. She uses two shots of Batdorf and Bronson espresso. She uses Batdorf and Bronson, which is also known as Dancing Goats coffee, because they are a “more than fair trade, very sustainable company” and she has been using their products since 1993. Eames mixes in Ghirardelli chocolate, a chocolate protein powder mix, ice and the guest’s choice of milk. The drink can be crafted with soy milk and it can be ordered as decaf. The smallest size of this drink costs $3.29.


Eames suggests purchasing a mini cupcake for a friend with your remaining cash. The restaurant's Red Velvet cupcakes are pretty popular; she offers cupcakes in two sizes and a number of varieties.