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Photo Gallery | Pizzeria Venti in $20


ATLANTA – Terry Moon, the owner of Pizzeria Venti of Buckhead, promises his guests that “if you order that same thing every day you’re going to get the same thing every time” and that’s how he runs his business, with consistency. 

Moon got into the pizza business, about three years ago, when he and his son decided to open a Pizzeria Venti franchise; he also owns a leather belt making business. Authenticity, freshness and flavor are the pillars of Italian cooking and Moon agrees; the walls of the restaurant are decorated with photos from his trip to Italy.

“My son came to me with the idea, he was in corporate America and wanted a change”, says Moon. Moon’s son discovered the restaurant while eating with his wife at a North Carolina location. The Buckhead location will celebrate it's three year anniversary on December 5.

“Many people don’t know about how low in calories our selections are”, Moon emphasized. The restaurant’s signature Pizza Massimo, which is a 50 square inch slice, is lower in calories than a personal pan pizza.

Pizza at Pizzeria Venti is prepared “rustic style”, which means it is cooked at 750 degrees and it is crafted with imported water from Northern Italy. According to Moon, the Italian water allows for a better rise, imparts flavor and doesn’t contain chemicals that kill yeast particles.

“We create our dough overnight”, says Moon which lends itself to the dough’s light texture and airy taste. All breads, pastas and pizza dough are crafted with the same dough.

“Italian food emphasizes a combination of flavors and textures and our recipes are about 300 years old. This restaurant is a franchise, however, the recipes were born in Italy and raised in America”, Moon told us. Moon also offers wine tasting and affordable glasses of wine, some as low as $5.

And at the end of your meal, Pizzeria Venti offers a “wine doggy bag”, which is a sealable plastic bag that allows you to transport unused wine home without being in violation of the open container law.

The restaurant also has a full coffee bar and ample selection of gelato created, for the restaurant, by an Italian family in Michigan. Pizzeria Venti’s gelato is, also, lower in fat because of its slow churn and lack of butter fat, which is usually an integral ingredient in most ice creams.

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Moon recommends the Bocce Ball, as an appetizer. The Bocce Ball is an Italian style meatball, dipped in tomato sauce, sprinkled with cheese, baked in pizza dough and smothered with tomato sauce. Bocce Ball’s are named after the sport Bocce Ball, however, the recipe wasn’t derived, in any form, from the activity. The Bocce Ball appetizer costs about $7.00


He also recommends the Field Green Apple Salad, as a starter. The salad is handcrafted with red onions, green leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, Bleu cheese, Craisins, walnuts and Granny Smith apples. The salad is sold in medium and full portions, the half costs about $6.00


Moon thinks the “Tutti Buono” gives first time diners an accurate taste of the restaurant. The “Pizza al Taglio” or handmade pizza by the slice is created with sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper and onion. The slice is rectangular shaped and larger than a traditional pizza slice. Each slice costs $4.50


The owner suggests a piccolo sized Gelato to finish off your meal. Gelato is offered in about eight flavors from Strawberry and Dutch Apple to Double Chocolate and Pistachio. Each cup of gelato costs about $3.50